How can I learn more about rugby?
Click here to view a beginner's guide to the game of rugby.
The video on this page offers a good introduction to the sport, although the best way to learn is to watch or play!
I've been playing rugby for years. Can I play for you?
Of course! We have players from all different skill levels. You don't have to worry about your knowledge of the sport; we'll teach you everything you know.
I don't know anything about rugby. Can I play for you?
Of course! See above. We love our experienced players just as much as our inexperienced players!
What do I need to bring to practice?
You should bring a pair of cleats and a mouthguard. Otherwise, just bring clothes that are appropriate to exercise and the weather.
What is the time commitment?
You should be able to attend practices on Tuesdays and Thursdays, especially if you're new to rugby. Additionally, our games usually occur on Saturdays, in the morning or early afternoon. If you feel that you will need more flexibility, don't hesitate to contact us with questions.
What is the financial commitment?
Fees are assessed in the season depending on the number of people playing on the team. In addition, it is necessary to pay an annual CIPP fee. If you need to be placed on a payment plan, please talk to our treasurer. As a team, we contribute and help out with fundraising efforts throughout the year.
Aren't I too big/too small to play rugby?
There's no "right size" for rugby players. There are positions for everybody! That's one of the best things about the sport.