What Join the Condors, Frogs and Sirens on Saturday, August 12th for a 3.5 hour cruise with open bar, music, fireworks and a great crew. Don't miss the most memorable night of the summer!! This year with twice the number of bartenders and an extra 30 minutes added to the cruise!.
When Saturday, August 12th @ 7:30pm Sharp
Where DuSable Harbor
150N Lakeshore Dr.

*Feel free to meet up at Lizzie McNeill's before heading to the boat.
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Option 1: Chase Quickpay (preferred)

If possible, please use Chase Quickpay to buy your tickets. It is cheaper than paypal for the club. When filling out Chase Quickpay please use the following:
Name Janet Fitzpatrick
E-mail treasurer@sirensrugby.com
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Option 2: Paypal or Credit Card

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